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About IMBL

“IOT & MOTION BIGDATA LAB” was jointly constructed by Chongqing University’s School of Big Data and Software and Chongqing Nicai Technology Co., Ltd. It mainly conducts scientific research and school-enterprise cooperation in pattern recognition, machine learning, data analysis and its application fields such as Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, smart wear, and medical health. The laboratory implements the laboratory director system under the guidance of the laboratory administrators' committee and the laboratory academic advisory steering committee. It has a young research team with multidisciplinary characteristics. The average age is 35 years old. The researchers have computers and labor. Professional backgrounds in intelligence, medicine, mathematics, etc.

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The laboratory members have been engaged in research on artificial intelligence, big data analysis, human factors engineering and their application in behavioral cognition. They are composed of 15 professors, associate professors, lecturers and engineers. 9 people, 5 people with overseas research work experience, with multi-disciplinary characteristics. The laboratory members undertake more than 20 projects including national-level scientific research projects, Singapore national scientific research projects, and major scientific research projects in Chongqing. The research direction of the laboratory members emphasizes that based on the objectivity and wear environment, the human nature and comfort are the central goals, and the knowledge of information systems, physical world and human behavior is realized through computing technology, intelligent technology and data technology. Trinity of information perception and integration. The members of the laboratory have been committed to organizing relevant international conferences, and have established long-term cooperative relations with famous experts and scholars in related fields at home and abroad, laying a good foundation for carrying out scientific research work in the laboratory.